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The Slab Shipper team has been dealing with shipping graded comics since early 2000 from the beginning days of both CGC and eBay. As both individual resellers and then working their way up to becoming an online retailer, our team has always been customer-service focused. 

We were always in search of the most economical and safest way to ship both graded and raw comic books. With so many different methods to ship graded comic books, we knew there had to be one way that would be superior to the rest. That is when we decided to create the new, best way to ship graded comics. 

After about six months of research and development, as well as testing different designs and materials, the Slab Shipper four-piece, styrofoam, shipping kit was born. 

It's So Easy

Slab Shipper is so simple to use, a child can do it. Perfect for the collector selling or trading a few slabs a month all the way up to a massive online retailer selling thousands of slabs a month.  

Six Massive Reasons to Choose Slab Shipper

  1. Save the headache of having to deal with cracked slab returns.
  2. If you are buying boxes, you won’t be now.
  3. Save shipping weight which translates to saving money. Even the thickest slabs of 80-100 page books can ship under the magic 2-pound weight.
  4. Save time. You can ship 1, 2, or 3 slabs perfectly as quickly as 60 seconds. If you have employees, this will reduce your labor costs and improve productivity.
  5. Environmentally Friendly. Slab Shipper can be reused multiple times, in fact, they protect the 1095 boxes so well that the 1095 boxes are able to be reused.
  6. Last but not least, it’s so easy it will make your head spin.

The Ultimate Graded Comic Shipping Solution

A perfect balance of strength, protection, and weight. Each 4-piece, styrofoam, shipping kit only weighs 2 ounces.

USPS 1095 Boxes

Our kits are designed to fit USPS 1095 boxes that can be ordered from the post office for FREE. On their own, 1095 boxes are somewhat flimsy. With our kit installed, they are as stiff as concrete and light as a feather.

If you have been buying stiffer, more rigid & heavy cardboard boxes, our kits will save you time, money, and shipping costs.

Fully Customizable

Not using USPS 1095 boxes? We can run off customized inserts for any box that you are already using. Contact us for details. 

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