How it Works
Slab Shipper

How Does it Work?


Step One: The Box

Fold your 1095 box.


Step Two: The Bottom

Next, place one of the small, styrofoam pieces into the box, and push it down to the bottom.


Step Three: The Sides

For shipping 1, 2, or 3 slabs, put the two larger styrofoam side pieces inside the box with the three channels facing the inside of the box. 

Slide down.


Step Four: The Slabs

Insert your slabs into the channels, and push down. For 2 slabs, use the the 2 outer slots. For 1 slab, use the center slot. For 3 slabs, use all 3 slots.


Step Five: The Top

Place the last styrofoam piece inside the top of the box, and close it up.



Add a 6-8” piece of tape to the top and bottom of the 1095 box to double secure the adhesive flap.


Pro Tips

Raw comics can be shipped inside with the graded comics. You can stack about 5 comics together, wrap them in plastic, then insert them into the graded comic bag with the graded comics.

UPS and FedEx have no problem shipping the 1095 boxes. Once your weight goes above 4 pounds, it is almost always cheaper to send the shipment UPS or FedEx. Be sure to use your favorite website for FedEX and UPS discounts.

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