Slab Shipper

Comic Slab Shipper

Our 4-piece, styrofoam, graded comic shipping kits are $1.50 each. 

  • For individuals, we recommend our starter kit which is 10 complete Slab Shipper kits. 
  • For the enthusiast, we also offer 25 kits. 
  • For the retailer, we offer a full pallet of 500 kits. 

Please contact us for shipping quotes. 


Our kits are designed to fit USPS 1095 boxes that can be ordered from the post office for FREE. On their own, 1095 boxes are somewhat flimsy. With our kit installed, they are as stiff as concrete and light as a feather.

If you have been buying stiffer, more rigid & heavy cardboard boxes, our kits will save you time, money, and shipping costs.

Not Using USPS 1095 Boxes?

We can run off customized inserts for any box that you are already using. Contact us for details. 

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